Electronic Liens and Titles

New Florida DHSMV Mandate Effective January 1, 2013

The new Florida law passed on March 9, 2012 will require the use of a DHSMV- approved ELT (Electronic Lien & Title) vendor to release your liens and/or request printed titles. Anyone releasing liens or requesting paper titles must sign up with one of the DHSMV-approved ELT vendors by 1, January 2013.

The DHSMV is in the process of implementing this new requirement which will affect anyone who needs to be able to Satisfy a Lien on a vehicle, vessel or mobile home.
Dealer Support Services has been approved by the DHSMV to provide these services to their clients.

At this time, Dealer Support Services is signing up dealers for this new ELT program. Though you may wait until the last day before signing up we would encourage you to act now as by the date of this new requirement will overlap with the new Tax Season and could result in slowing your approval process with the DHSMV. We would encourage you to prepare now and be ready to sell cars on 1, January 2013 rather than awaiting DHSMV and application approval at the last minute.

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Electronic Temp Tags and Registrations

The state of Florida now requires all dealerships to register their temporary tags and registration requests electronically.
Ask us how we can help you become compliant with this requirement!


Dealer Management Software

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